Cleese on Palin

Few say it better than John Cleese.


Betty White: Palin’s a Bitch

Betty White calls them the way she sees them. Here, we hear about Palin and Obama.

Sarah Silverman on Voting for Obama

Sarah Silverman stumps for Obama in an unusual way.

Hey, Sarah Palin!

A meaningful folksong about, gosh darn it, what’s her name again? Oh yeah, Sarah Palin.

Olbermann Blasts Palin

The other night, Keith Olbermann gave one of those magnificent rants he’s so good at. This one is about Sarah Palin and the terrorists SHE palled around with.

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John McPenguin

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But wait, there’s more!

Raw Video: Palin Saved From ‘Witchcraft’

Here’s the unedited footage of Sarah Palin being bless and protected from ‘witchcraft’ so she can attain a higher office.This pastor also drove a woman he named as a witch from her home, sweeping locals up in an outcry against her and her pet snake. This makes the preacher a domestic terrorist, says Keith Olbermann. The man is right.

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