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McCain: Bad for the Environment

If McCain Palin are elected to office, we can expect this kind of pollution:

McCain Pollution

McCain Pollution

McCain Reacts to Debate and a Link to the Transcripts

This is what John McCain did when asked how the last presidential debate went last night.  You can read the transcripts here.

McCain's Post-Debate Statement

McCain's visceral reaction to the debate



Starring Danny Torrance as America and The Grady Twins as McCain and Palin

America:  Zoom, zoom, zoom, having fun, looking forward to a new and wonderful future without Dubya.

McPalin: Hi, America!  Come play with us!

America: Really?  You want to play with me?

McPalin: Absolutely! You’ve mandated us to be your leaders. We can’t wait to play with you!

America:  Wow, that’s neato! Let’s play with the financial problem, ‘kay?

America: WTF?

McPalin: America, America, don’t worry, that nasty old Obama didn’t get elected.

McPalin: We want to play with you America. First we’re going to pull off your personal rights, then your civil rights, then take your home and your little dog, too!

America: NO! NO! NO! Wake up, America, wake up!

America: Whew! It really was just a dream or my imagination or something!

JOBama: Don’t worry, America. It will only be a bad dream as long as you get out there and VOTE!

Don’t take an Obama-Biden win for granted! Make it a landslide!

Photos from The Shining (c) 1980 Warner Bros

The Tootsie Pop from Hell

There’s so much that’s horrible and foul about Sarah Palin that should be discussed. So why is everyone fixated on Newsweek’s unretouched cover photo of her?  Zoom in, check her out. Oh, those horrid warts and hairs! You mean she’s not Caribou Barbie after all?

Palin Unretouched

Palin Unretouched

Nah, she’s still Caribou Barbie — please, even unretouched she looks good.  She’s all pretty candy on the outside and squirming maggots on the inside, like a Tootsie Pop from hell.  Let’s concentrate on the maggots, shall we? That’s what’s important. And scary.

Palin: “Moose are Perverts, Shoot them All!”

Another reason Palin hates moose

Another reason Palin hates moose

Sarah Palin Exposed!

Sarah Palin Caught in Exclusive At-Home Shot!

Sarah Palin Caught in Exclusive At-Home Shot!

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