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David Letterman, Trick and Treat

Trick or treak, McCain!

Trick or treak, McCain!

This year, John McCan pulled a trick on the wrong person, and Dave has made him pay. What a treat!

One Man’s Alaska – Wasilla

In tooling around looking for items about the town of Wasilla, I discovered a marvelous blog.  Here’s a look at an entry on the town of Wasilla:

Notes on Wasilla, Alaska

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

With Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin now being Vice President Candidate Palin — and also being the Mayor of Wasilla just two years ago — I thought it might be a good time to share my thoughts on Wasilla. I think I have a relatively unique perspective of having lived 44 years in The Lower 48, and five months in Alaska last summer.

The things that stand out about Wasilla are:

  • As far as I can remember the town has about five traffic signals, maybe 10, tops.
  • Wasilla largely consists of stores and fast-food restaurants along the Highway 3 corridor.
  • The town roughly marks the half-way point between Anchorage and Talkeetna, about one hour’s drive in either direction.
  • Wasilla has a “normal” Lower-48 grocery store (a Fred Meyer, where a 12-pack of Coke cost over $7), and a Wal-Mart.
  • As a tourist, you either close your eyes for a few minutes when you pass through Wasilla and think “Oh yuk, here’s a town”, or you stop at the Tesoro gas station, the grocery store, Wal-Mart, or a fast-food chain.(As a tourist Wasilla is not a town you want to spend any quality time in.)
  • When I was looking for a place to live last summer, some crazy old guy in Wasilla wanted to rent a metal shed to me for $700/month, with the added benefit being that his daughter would live in the metal shed next to me.
  • Read more.

Palin’s $150,000 Makeover, Obama’s Resoled Shoes

It’s been reported that Professor Higgins, er, the RNC has spent $150,000 on clothes and other items in their continued attempt to turn Sarah Palin into a socially acceptable Eliza Doolittle. Meanwhile, this photo of Obama was discovered in a great collection of campaign shots from Callie Shell).

Since taking to the campaign trail a year ago, Obama admits he’s already had them resoled once.  It’s a little thing, but it says volumes about the man.

Meanwhile, $150,000 can’t make a silk purse out of a polar bear’s ear.*

Obama's stumping shoes need a second resoling.

Obama's stumping shoes need a second resoling

*In an ironic twist, Defender’s is trying to raise $150,000 so they can show the ad in battleground states. Does that amount of money ring a bell?!

McCain Reacts to Debate and a Link to the Transcripts

This is what John McCain did when asked how the last presidential debate went last night.  You can read the transcripts here.

McCain's Post-Debate Statement

McCain's visceral reaction to the debate



Starring Danny Torrance as America and The Grady Twins as McCain and Palin

America:  Zoom, zoom, zoom, having fun, looking forward to a new and wonderful future without Dubya.

McPalin: Hi, America!  Come play with us!

America: Really?  You want to play with me?

McPalin: Absolutely! You’ve mandated us to be your leaders. We can’t wait to play with you!

America:  Wow, that’s neato! Let’s play with the financial problem, ‘kay?

America: WTF?

McPalin: America, America, don’t worry, that nasty old Obama didn’t get elected.

McPalin: We want to play with you America. First we’re going to pull off your personal rights, then your civil rights, then take your home and your little dog, too!

America: NO! NO! NO! Wake up, America, wake up!

America: Whew! It really was just a dream or my imagination or something!

JOBama: Don’t worry, America. It will only be a bad dream as long as you get out there and VOTE!

Don’t take an Obama-Biden win for granted! Make it a landslide!

Photos from The Shining (c) 1980 Warner Bros

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