Thank You Barack Hussein Obama!

An excerpt from Lawrence D. Elliott’s must-read article on American Chronicle

“…When you initially announced you were running for President, the first words out of my skeptical mouth were, “This country will never elect a black man as President! Period!” I admired your guts, but I felt it would end as so many other campaigns—in defeat. Well, you are close to making me a big, fat liar!

The restraint and discipline you have shown is something to be admired. Although you breathing the air of the heights none of us has reached, it is similar to the path others greater than I have had to take and you have proven worthy to have your name written beside theirs in history. When your opponents and their supporters use your middle name in the same tone and manner as they would when hurling the most profane insult, you maintain your composure. Are they aware any black man in America—including me—could have been named Barack Hussein Obama, if their ancestors weren´t brought here as slaves?

You were steady when you were attacked because of people you knew or whom you met. It´s as if two people who have shared the same air or patch of earth are somehow compelled to share the same thoughts. I think we´d all be surprised if we knew the background and history of every person we crossed paths with.”

Read it all here.


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