My Daily Rant – October 28, 2008

An Issue Less Discussed

By The Tall Twin

During the third presidential debate, Senator Obama said that nobody is pro-abortion. He explained that abortion is always a tragic situation and we should try to prevent unintended pregnancies by providing appropriate education to our youth and communicating that sexuality is sacred. He added that we should provide options for adoption and help single mothers if they choose to keep their baby.

As it concerns me personally, I am anti-abortion. If I were pregnant, it would be difficult to imagine circumstances under which I would choose to end the pregnancy. If my daughter were pregnant, I would certainly give her every opportunity to deliver her child and keep that child in the family. But I would support her no matter what her decision. No one can make this deeply personal determination for a woman, or understand the pressures or conflicts that a woman must weigh in her decision. So I guess this also makes me pro-choice.

What concerns me is that many pro-life advocates seem to argue that our responsibility ends when the child is born. If that child gets sick…there’s probably an emergency room nearby. If the child becomes a gang member…oh well, after school programs are too expensive. If that child grows up to be a hardened criminal…there’s always the death penalty. We as a society should not demand that a woman carry a pregnancy to term then, as a society, turn our backs on her and her child.

Perhaps in some wonderful future we will live in a nation where violence against women is a memory, and pregnancy resulting from a rape is nonexistent. In that world children won’t give birth to children. Every mother will have access to adequate prenatal health care, and no child will be born into a family where he or she will be ignored or abused. If, in that world, an unwanted pregnancy should occur, the mother would be given emotional and medical support. The baby would not only be guaranteed life, but also a loving home (perhaps through adoption) in a society that sees the value of health care and a decent education for all of its citizens.

Unfortunately that Utopia has yet to materialize. Until it does, we can work to prevent unintended pregnancies by providing age-appropriate education to our youth!  Of course we can communicate that sexuality is sacred, but understand that teens will be teens and they should be taught the value of birth control. We should provide legal opportunities for adoption that protect the mother, the child, AND the adoptive parents. As a society we must offer help to the single mother who chooses to keep her baby. And yes, a medically safe and legal abortion must remain an option.


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