My Daily Rant – October 22

Joe’s Right

By The Tall Twin

Don’t knock Joe Biden for speaking the truth. He recently pointed out that in the first six months in office, the next president will likely have to face a crisis that will test his mettle.


What he’s saying isn’t new. It’s already been presented in the form of a White House phone ringing at 3 am.

The man who next assumes the presidency will have to hit the ground running. The financial crisis that has put our nation at risk is already global. It’s no secret that when the current administration full of mavericks gallops away it will be leaving the massive economic mess to the next guy.

As has been noted, the new president will have to be able to handle many issues at once without imploding. We have already seen how both candidates deal with crisis. One is calm and steady. The other is not. One chose a vice president who could unquestionably step up and handle the presidency. The other did not. By first getting a clear understanding of a situation, Senator Obama acts from a position of strength. Senator McCain appears to act immediately and with his gut. Getting all mavericky, he rushes into action as he did when he responded to the bailout. We all know how well that turned out.

To understand the governing style of both men, one only needs to look at the two campaigns. Senator

Not mavericky

Not mavericky

Obama has built his support from the ground up. He stays on message and on the issues. He surrounds himself with competent advisors. He skillfully uses 21st century tools, such as the internet. He has shown that he is willing to listen but will not be bullied and he is definitely in charge.

On the other hand, McCain’s campaign appears scattered and angry. It seems adrift in the currents. The candidate and his VP pick toss out endless character attacks to see what will stick, and continue to do so even when the charges have been discredited. Their message is primarily divisive and is filled with stops, starts, and missteps. Word has it that Senator McCain is not happy with some of the decisions he’s had to make. Who’s



really in charge? Is the man leading this campaign the right man to lead our nation in a crisis?

Joe Biden speaks the truth. That phone will ring. There will be crisis. It may come from the economy, or Mother Nature, or from another land. Personally I would feel much better knowing that there is calm, clear-headed President Obama in the White House to handle it.

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