My Daily Rant – October 21

Joe the Everyman

by The Tall Twin

“You see, [Obama] believes in redistributing wealth, not in policies that help us all make more of it. Joe in his plainspoken way, said this sounded a lot like socialism.” – John McCain

It seems that Joe the Plumber has given birth to an army of “everypersons.” Now Governor Palin is talking about Tito the Builder. I can see the action figures lining the shelves at toy stores. They come with removable tool belts and a set of real, working power tools (batteries not included).

I agree with the concept. The time has come to recognize the American everyperson as the hero he or she truly is. I think the lineup should be extended. How about Joanna the Single Mom? Greta and Hank the Retirees living on a pension, Josh the Student Loan Seeker and Marco the Underpaid Elementary School Teacher? They’re pretty heroic too.

But back to Joe the Plumber. . . What is the one thing that he, as a small businessman, must have? Yep. Customers. He can end up paying zero in taxes if he doesn’t have customers on the phone requesting his services. I can say from personal experience, that in the past few years I have learned how to fix a leaky faucet, unclog a drain, and install a new “toilet kit” all on my own. I’ve had to because I can’t afford to call a plumber.

Republicans may claim that a redistribution of wealth is bad, but it has been common practice for quite some time now. The nation’s wealth has been pouring into the gilt-lined coffers of the richest 1%. The trickle down thing hasn’t seemed to work so well for average Americans.

It is time to “spread the wealth” in the form of tax relief for the middle class. It’s not only fair, but it’s good for small businesses. If I have some extra money in my pocket I might not go “pheasant hunting in Ireland,” but I might splurge on new copper plumbing to replace the leaky decades old crap I have now. I certainly wouldn’t shop for a yacht to park in my driveway, but I might hire someone to replace the fence around my backyard with a new one.

Tax breaks for the wealthy don’t trickle anywhere. They just make the rich richer. Tax breaks for the middle class could give people a little breathing room. It’s quite likely that much of the money they save would be spent in small businesses across the nation. People might feel comfortable enough to shop at the local bakery, go to the beauty salon, have the house painted, or take in a movie. In other words, they may become customers for the zillions of small businesses across the land.

And what happens to those tax dollars from the wealthiest plumbers who take home more than $250,000 a year? Some of that wealth could be used to improve the roads and bridges his trucks travel on. It could improve police and fire protection services that keep his business safe. By bettering public education, tax dollars help to train the people he will hire in the future, and offer health care for those he has already hired.

This is not socialism…this is smart business.

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