Cleese on Palin

Few say it better than John Cleese.

The Tootsie Pop from Hell

There’s so much that’s horrible and foul about Sarah Palin that should be discussed. So why is everyone fixated on Newsweek’s unretouched cover photo of her?  Zoom in, check her out. Oh, those horrid warts and hairs! You mean she’s not Caribou Barbie after all?

Palin Unretouched

Palin Unretouched

Nah, she’s still Caribou Barbie — please, even unretouched she looks good.  She’s all pretty candy on the outside and squirming maggots on the inside, like a Tootsie Pop from hell.  Let’s concentrate on the maggots, shall we? That’s what’s important. And scary.