I’m Voting Republican

Reasons to vote Republican!  It’s a brilliant video.


  1. Love this video… Here’s another that’s similar we did…
    watch Bad Predictions…

  2. Gets my vote! Oh – I forgot. I haven’t got a vote. I’m a Brit. Despite the fact that who gets chosen will affect my life and the life of my friends and their children and grandchildren.

  3. It’s been embarrassing to be an American more often than not these past seven and a half years, and if McSame gets in, we’ll all be in even deeper shit.

    If Bush manages buy all those businesses, er, I mean bail them out, we’ll be a socialist society. As of this moment, though, Congress has refused the Bush proposal as written. McCain was present (he didn’t vote, I hear), and he’s getting a lot of heat because “they” (who knows who ‘they’ is at any given moment) say he turned the whole thing into a ‘photo op’ for his campaign. True or not? Who knows? Who cares?

    He’s vowing to hang in there in D.C. as long as it takes to get it settled. The wags are all guessing he’ll do just about anything to get out of debating Obama Friday evening.

    Meanwhile, Sarah Palin was evidently hosed by her own ignorance during an interview with Katie Couric, and on a sleazier note that shouldn’t even play into this, but will, the good ol’ National Enquirer has just officially splashed her 12-years-past affair with the First Dude’s business partner all over the newsstands.

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